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Sometimes I enjoy going out all by my lonesome and hope to stumble upon warm welcoming people like myself.  I had been wanting to see local band Appalatin for quite some time, so I decided to head towards Zazoo’s Bar and Grill and catch their show.  While I was there I made acquaintances with the very beautiful and special guest of the evening, Tristen Brooke.  We shared a few laughs, a few beers and danced front row to one of my new favorite local acts Appalatin. Tristen Brooke and Appalatin are definite must knows in the Louisville music scene.


Appalatin live is the fiesta you always hope to stumble upon while traveling abroad.  The collective of different nationalities but like minded global-good enthusiasts are the perfect band to accompany your evening with a savory wine and a hot date.  The dance floor was swinging and full of salsa enthusiasts as Appalatin played their powder-keg sounds. Appalatin is a clue to some of the genres the band explores.   Latin/Flamingo and Bluegrass music are very prevalent in the band’s dynamics but there is also a touch of blues, folk, pop and even some funky bass rifts.  The band’s diverse sounds and ethnic backgrounds are met with a high energy and spirit.  The band members performed full of smiles and with songs like Spread the Love Around, how could they and the crowd not be full of joy? I was overly full of joy as I gave a good cheers to Fernando Moya (Appalatin’s mandolin player) on multiple occasions.

The band’s spirit reminded me of famous acts like Michael Franti and the Spearhead. Their talents invoke dancing and I could not help but imagine the dance fiesta Appalatin would cause if their was a crowd of 10.000. If the band keeps up the good work, I don’t think many will be able to resist adding a little more salsa into their life, I know I can’t.

You can check out Appalatin’s sounds, show dates and story at www.Appalatin.com

They will be gracing Zazoo’s again this Thursday and the following Thursday. Pick a date, pick an outfit, grab dinner and get ready to swing the night away with the worldly love-filled tunes of Appalatin.


Tristen Brooke

When I first got to Zazoos and saw a girl setting up a guitar on stage, I will admit I stereotyped. I thought we were in for slow, acoustic ballads about love gained and love lost, but when Hunter Embry of The New Vintage Showcase told me she was similar to notable artists Rodrigo and Gabriela, I was then fully intrigued. Tristen is a blossoming spirit but once on stage she knows how to denounce any notion that girls can’t kick ass on guitar as well as long-haired men. Watching her fly up and down the neck of her nylon while tapping the wood for percussion was utterly breathtaking at moments. Her voice is not sweet but powerful and accompanies her heavy rhythm patterns perfectly.


Tristen’s humble and organic spirit is reflected in her lyrics and song titles. Her lyrics are testament to the beauty of nature and the wonders of love. The portrait she installs in the audiences mind is a beautiful and vibrant one.  Migration Aloft the Trade Winds is a journey of spirit and emotion and sounds like it should be listened to in an open field as you yourself feel the wonder of air, wind and earth. Hip-Hoppity Jam is a descriptive fun song about love and it existing in the beautiful world we live in. Tristen’s beautiful songs would have been appropriate for a late night set at Woodstock ’69 as they are captivating and moving as they are fiery. You can check out some of Tristen’s songs on her myspace at http://www.myspace.com/tristenbrooke and learn more about her on her website www.tristenbrooke.com


Tristen told me she hoped Appalatin would join her on stage for a song or two. Desires came true and it was awesome to watch talent fuse together spontaneously. The Appalatin boys picked up on Tristen’s chops and she enforced a heavy rhythm strumming pattern on a song of theirs. It was at that moment I realized how cool local shows and acts can be. You can’t always watch a spontaneous jam between the bands playing at a larger show. Pearl Jam is not going to join stage with Radiohead without a contract written first. These two musical forces joined stage because they could and as a member of the audience it was an awesome gift to receive.  Great people, great musicians and great spirits can come at the cost of $3, the beauty of local music.



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