Stay Po’: A Po’ Brothers live review

One of the best things about being a house act is all of the free shows we get to attend as a band.  Funny Bones has shared the stage with some awesome, weird and talented acts over the past months and it has been a blast.  This past Saturday, a young vibrant audience graced Zazoos, all awaiting young rockers entitled, Po’ Brothers.  After finishing my one and only beer of the night, I decided to whip out my journal, find my inner gonzo and snag Ryan Thompson of the band for a short-and-sweet interview.

The biggest thing I learned from Ryan is that Rock-n-Roll is not dead (Neither is hip-hop boys and girls).  The Po’ Brothers have the dreams and sound of 70′s classic rock infused with quality pop-singalong elements.  Their classic rock sound is matched with rock star desires.  When asking Ryan, the Po’ Brothers bassist and groove master, what the goals of the band were, his reply was as classic as 107.7 FM.  “To get big as f@#k!” I smirked, then smiled and absolutely loved the attitude.  This is a band that knows how to have a good time,provide a party and remain humble.  Three ingredients for success.  These ingredients are cooked up live, serving a hot dish of rock to their crowds.

The Po’ Brothers’ show rocked hard, got beautiful women on the dancefloor and had people singing along all night long.  One thing Funny Bones shares with the Brothers is an unrelenting energy while performing.  At 1:00 Am these button up rockers played with a sort of desperation, as if it were the last show ever. .  The energy displayed allows the audience to experience the passion the band has for their original music.  Po’s energy and passion was matched with a since of humor and charisma that allowed everyone young and old to have a good time. Being my first Po’ experience, I did not know any songs by heart but did not hesitate to get down, start some claps and jump, jump around.

Ryan says the band’s motto is to stay Po’.  If this is symbolic of the band’s current character, sound and charisma these boys will be rocking for years to come.  I have no doubts that Funny Bones and The Po’ Brothers will cross paths once again and if you are a music fan you should meet us all at the crossroads.  As said earlier, rock and roll is not dead, you just have to mine through some rubbish to find gold.

-The Alchemist

Get used to seeing and hearing the Po’ Brothers in the Louisville area.

Check out their reverbnation @:

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